The Xenogen are the third members to the Racial Trinity. They are humanoid looking creatures, capable of excelling in close combat. They are a form of Youkai,[1]which means they can take many different forms. Some of them can look like normal humans, while others might have wolf ears, and a wolf tail. They are born with supernatural senses, such as eyesight, hearing, smelling, and so forth. Certain members of the Xenogen race are also known for running and moving at incredible speeds. Even though they are born with these senses, unlike other races (such as the Draconians), they aren't born with the ability to use magic. Since their species has no way of coming in contact with the Arcane Webbing, they have no way to command any arcane power, with the exception of the afterlife.

  1. Youkai roughly translates into a supernatural being.

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